Small Business Jobs Survival Act Gains 24th Sponsor

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We have been keeping an eye on Take Back NYC’s advocacy campaign for the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA). It’s city legislation that would set up a mediation and mandatory arbitration system between commercial tenants and landlords during lease renewals. The organization yesterday picked up a 24th sponsor. It takes 26 votes for the bill to win approval.

The latest supporter to sign on is Mark Treyger, who represents the 47th District (Coney Island). Kirsten Theodos, a leader of Take Back NYC, said she reached out to the Council member after hearing him testify against legislation that would weaken the city’s landmarks law. Se made a pitch to him for the lease negotiation proposal as part of a broader effort to preserve the authenticity of Coney Island.

Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito has not yet scheduled a hearing on the SBJSA. Four months ago, she said it was undergoing a legal review by Council staff. The legislation is strongly opposed by the Real Estate Board of New York, which contends it’s unconstitutional. Advocates for the bill are keeping the pressure on those remaining Council members who have not gotten on board:



Both Lower East Side Council members, Margaret Chin and Rosie Mendez, are sponsors of the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.  To read our ongoing Small Business Survival coverage, click here.



2 comments to Small Business Jobs Survival Act Gains 24th Sponsor

  • JEng

    All we get a fake expressions of interest and texts which we try to respond to but our building cannot survive an overassessment of real estate taxes based on MARKET value when 70 percent of the apartments are rent regulated and the commercial space remains vacant.

    What they are proposing won’t actually help small building owners who bear the brunt of providing affordable housing in New York City. There is something very wrong with the property tax system in NYC and it is intentionally ignored by the government.

    Where’s the federal investigation on it?

  • JEng

    How about if an owner wants to increase the rent and a tenant refuses, that tenant should take a nearby vacancy that is willing to accept the below market lease?