More Photos From the Demolition of Essex Street Market Building D

site 2 demo 1

Demolition crews have made quick work of the former Essex Street market building on the south side of Delancey Street in the last several days. The previously vacant 1940 structure is being cleared for a 24-story building that will be a centerpiece of the Essex Crossing project. The developers have said it could take up to six weeks to demolish the building, but at the rate they’re going, the job will be finished ahead of schedule. As a reminder, the market building on the north side of Delancey Street remains open for business.

site 2 demo 2

demo 7

And here are a couple of shots from a rooftop (thank you Mark Miller) to the west of the site. You can’t see much in the way of demolition but it’s an interesting perspective.

aerial 2

aerial 1