Mission Chinese Opened at 171 East Broadway Last Night

Danny Bowien's twitter feed.

Danny Bowien’s twitter feed.

The hotly anticipated relaunch of Mission Chinese happened last night at 171 East Broadway. Chef and owner Danny Bowien posted a couple of triumphant photos on twitter, signaling the soft opening of his wildly popular creative Chinese restaurant. He was forced to close down the original Orchard Street location due to vermin and a dispute with his landlord. Just yesterday, Eater had heard from an employee that the new place would open by Tuesday.  So this weekend’s debut was a bit of a surprise.

A few minutes ago, Bowien went on twitter again to say the restaurant would only be open for dinner (at least for now). Mission Chinese will be closed on Mondays. TLD contributor Tobi Elkin got a few photos of the first night. have a look:


Photos by Tobi Elkin.





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