Petition: No More Intercity Bus Permits

Pike Street. Photo by Jacob Cohen.

Pike Street. Photo by Jacob Cohen.

Yesterday we reported that the SPaCE Bloack Association is opposing several new applications from Chinatown bus companies; the companies are expected to go before Community Board 3’s transportation committee tomorrow night. Now they’ve also launched an online petition. It reads:

We, the members of the block association, SPaCE, along with other residents and citizens of our community are vehemently opposed to any more bus permits in our neighborhood.  The private bus system in Chinatown has created a de facto bus depot.  Under siege, our neighborhood has exceeded saturation with intercity stops.  There seems to be no end in sight.

More details regarding the petition can be found here.


2 comments to Petition: No More Intercity Bus Permits

  • brainqueef

    i’m guessing rich people are behind this.

  • liquid trax

    EXCELLENT!! The “RICH PEOPLE” who own the FLY BY NIGHT BUS COMPANIES who have made MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS PUTTING RESIDENTS OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE IN DANGER are finally facing up to their moral and ethical responsibilities!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for helping us put you out of business. WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!!!