Delancey Plaza Construction Project Spans Six Months

The city made an effort to create a somewhat more pleasing environment for human beings along Delancey Street a few months ago. But an extended construction project is going to be having the opposite effect.

Delancey Street at Suffolk.

Delancey Street at Suffolk.

If you’ve walked past Delancey (between Norfolk and Suffolk) in recent days, you have probably noticed the new fencing blocking the sidewalk.  Signage indicates that contractors will be “rehabilitating the subway roof vault” until March of 2014. Workers will be on the job seven days a week, but loud construction is not supposed to occur between the hours of midnight and 7 a.m.

This area, of course, runs alongside the Seward Park development site.  Shovels are supposed to be in the ground for the big residential and retail complex in about 18 months. Last year, the Department of Transportation created a new plaza here as part of a pedestrian safety initiative.

delancey construction sign