Katz’s Pastrami Eating King Gulps 25 Sandwiches

Orchard Street, Sunday, June 2.

Orchard Street, Sunday, June 2. Photos by Tim Schreier.

25 half-pastrami sandwiches in 10 minutes.  That’s what competitive eater Joey Chestnut consumed yesterday afternoon to win the World Pastrami Eating Championship.  The incredibly revolting spectacle was part of Katz’s Deli 125th anniversary celebration and DayLife, the Lower East Side BID’s Orchard Street festival.  Photographer Tim Schreier got up-close-and-personal with the contestants (a little too close, we’re afraid).   Chestnut won a cash prize of $3750. Now he can rest up for the upcoming Coney Island hot dog eating contest! See more photos after the jump.

pastrami 8

Katz’s owner Jake Dell shows off the pastrami trophy.

pastrami 1

pastrami 2

pastrami 4

pastrami 6

pastrami 7

pastrami 9



  • david

    Way to go Joey, but seriously that’s disgusting! ; )