LES Bites: Ivan Ramen Confirmed, Flavor Tripping at Fatta Cuckoo, Shabbat Dinner For Goys

Today’s food/restaurant news:

  • Ivan Orkin, the acclaimed ramen specialist, announces on his twitter feed that “Ivan Ramen” is definitely coming to 25 Clinton.  Last month, in an appearance before Community Board 3, he suggested the Lower East Side location was not a “done deal.”  On twitter today, orkin said he hopes to be open by mid-spring.
  • The Times checks out one of the Bowery’s newest nightlife spots, Cata, which specializes in tapas and gin & tonics (yes, an unusual combination).
  • In-box: Thursday night Fatta Cuckoo, 63 Clinton St. is offering a special dinner prepared by Chicago-based Chef Homaro Cantu, one of the pioneers of the molecular gastronomy movement. He’ll take you “flavor tripping” Cocktails and dinner for $55; call 212-353-0570 for reservations.
  • The Observer takes a look at the young New Yorkers making lobster kugel a Friday night Shabbat tradition.
  • Lunch options at the Essex Street Market, courtesy Serious Eats.


  • Jodi M

    Yay for Ivan Ramen!! I can’t wait!