“Eastwood” Comes to 221 East Broadway in Late October/Early November

Eastwood Indiegogo from Miles Kerr on Vimeo.

Crowdfunding is all the rage these days. The latest small business owners to get in on the act are Sivan Harlap and Andrew States, who are opening a bar at 221 East Broadway this fall.  As you probably recall, their liquor license application stirred quite a lot of controversy back in June.  The video they’ve posted online offers a glimpse of the space, at the corner of East Broadway and Clinton streets, and a few other details.  The bar will be called Esstwood and they’re targeting a late October/early November opening.


3 comments to “Eastwood” Comes to 221 East Broadway in Late October/Early November

  • fipper

    if they’re opening a hardware store or some other service that’s useful to the community, i’ll give without a second thought. but a bar? really?! unbelievable. yeah, ok, good luck with that…

  • Gabriel Meister

    fipper — (a) in what sense is the space these folks are opening not “useful to the community” — is your beef that it’s not specifically useful (e.g., the goods and services they offer are not useful), or that a place to get drinks and food is a bad thing? and for whom? what is the actual issue, and how is what they’re doing not a “service”? (hardware = service/useful, bar/food = not service/not useful?) (b) If you check out their crowdfunding offerings, it’s good stuff and quite fairly priced ($50 for 5 food items + 5 tap items? damn, I’ll take summa that) — it’s not really a question of “giving,” it’s a question of whether you want to embed yourself in something new and interesting, tasty and enjoyable, and ultimately (IMHO) VERY uplifting for the neighborhood. Let these people plant a tree that will grow into something awesome over the next several years. You only have to water it if you want to… plenty of us will. -Gabe

  • anon

    You wrote:

    “…VERY uplifting for the neighborhood.”

    Thank you for saving (and lifting up) the neighborhood.