Teany Cafe at 90 Rivington St. Closed by Health Dept.

Teany Cafe, 90 Rivington Street.

Teany, the cafe at 90 Rivington Street founded by Moby and actress Kelly Tisdale, has been shuttered by the New York City Health Department.  In an inspection last Thursday, the vegan centric spot recorded 90 violation points.

Among the “critical items” noted in the inspection: “cold food item held at above 41 degrees,” “filth flies” present in the restaurant and “food not protected from potential source of contamination during storage, preparation, transportation, display or service.”  Teany received 58 violation points during an inspection December 19th.

The restaurant was the scene of an electrical fire in 2009; it reopened nearly a year later, after remodeling. This morning, there was a Health Department advisory posted outside 90 Rivington Street, plus a hand-written note saying Teany would be back open soon.


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  • Hate_TeaNY_retards

    good, I hate their menu board sticking further out to the sidewalk, causing pedestrians to walk over garbage.  they should be fined as well for that BS.