CB3 March Liquor License Applications

Next month’s Community Board 3’s agenda is out this morning. Glancing at the SLA Committee rundown for its March 15th meeting, there are a few interesting items.

Among the bars/restaurants seeking new/upgraded/renewed liquor licenses:

  • Mama’s Food Shop on East 3rd Street (renewal with a complaint history).
  • TPoutine on Ludlow (beer/wine license – their second try – in a restricted area).
  • Robert Boose at 59 Canal (transfer of full liquor license from “Swat Production”)
  • EHD Restaurant Corp at 112 Suffolk (expansion of Antibes into adjoining space).
  • Superdive on Avenue A (transfer of full liquor license – this will get the EV’ers going)
  • Zucco, 188 Orchard (unspecified alterations – the beloved owner, of course, passed away last week – we’ll get details)
  • L’Oubli at 188 Suffolk (full liquor license)
  • Moldy Fig at 178 Stanton (wine only)

You can see the full agenda on CB3’s web site. We’ll have more details on these applications in the next several days.