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Starting April 1, Zafis Offers Dinner Service Until 9 p.m.

A quick note regarding a favorite Lower East Side diner. Zafis, the 37-year-old restaurant at 500 Grand St., is extending its hours starting the first of April. Right now, Zafis closes at 6 p.m., but co-owner Mike Kekatos tells...

Behind The Counter: A Tribute to Six Classic Diners

One of the things that makes New York City great is its classic neighborhood diners. On the Lower East Side, we’ve got our share of these old-school spots -- places that are so familiar some of us think of them as extensions of our own apartments.


The beloved Greek diner on the Eastern end of Grand Street acts as a second dining room for residents of the cooperatives, parishioners at St. Mary's Church and other locals. The proprietors, Nodas and Mike, do, in fact, know...
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New: Introduction to Pilates and the Reformer (Sponsored)

Pilates is a unique form of low-impact exercise in both its practice and the benefits you will derive in...
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