Liquor License Applications: A Preview of February’s List

A new operator wants to serve alcohol at the home of the old White Slab Palace, which was shuttered by authorities last year.

Next month’s meeting of the Community Board 3 SLA committee has a full agenda of new and existing bars and restaurants seeking first-time licenses or upgrades. We got a sneak peek at the list at last night’s CB3 meeting.

There are several items that promise to draw high interest. Sam Chang’s Holiday Inn on Delancey Street, which is under construction, is applying for a full bar license. There’s a proposal from an applicant known as Mundo New York on the table for Oliva, the Spanish tapas bar at the corner of Houston and Allen that April Bloomfield flirted with and dropped. There’s also a new plan for the old White Slab Palace space at 77 Delancey St., where an applicant known as Bar North Group LLC wants a full bar permit.

The rest of the list is below; the meeting takes place Feb. 13 at 6:30 at the JASA/Greene Residences, 200 E. Fifth St. at Bowery. We’ll have more details as the applications are submitted in advance of the meeting.

Community Board 3’s September Liquor License Agenda

White Slab Palace, 77 Delancey Street.

It didn’t take White Slab Palace long to reopen after the NYPD shut the bar down earlier this month. Nonetheless, the operators apparently have some explaining to do about a lapse in their liquor license — when they go before CB3’s State Liquor Authority Committee next month.  This is just one of several interesting items on the community board September agenda, which also includes an application from the owners of Woodward Gallery to serve beer, wine and liquor at a new cafe they plan at 132 Eldridge St.; see our story from yesterday here. Read the complete list of liquor license applicants after the jump.

White Slab Palace Closed for Liquor License Lapse

As we reported a short time ago, another bar was caught up in the Lower East Side nightlife crackdown this evening.  Shortly after 10 p.m., officers from the 7th Precinct showed up at White Slab Palace, the Swedish restaurant/drinking destination at 77 Delancey Street.  Acting on a court order, they instructed owner Annika Sundvik to close the bar down.

Many other neighborhood nightlife establishments have been shuttered for underage drinking violations.  The White Slab Palace case is apparently a little different.   Several months ago, the State Liquor Authority learned that the bar was operating without a liquor permit. Since that time, Sundovik got her license reinstated. But the court proceedings had already been set in motion and – finally – this week the judge gave the NYPD the go-ahead to close the bar.

Tonight, quite a few customers, who were inside when police arrived, gathered on the sidewalk, watching through the bar’s big glass windows as the place was being shut down.  Some of them complained about the closure, saying White Slab Palace is a pretty low key place — not a raucous club. Captain David Miller, who’s overseeing the precinct’s nightlife crackdown, stood outside, explaining to passersby what was happening.

In June, the SLA fined the bar $500 (the state’s antiquated computer system does not specify why the penalty was imposed).  White Slab Palace is still fending off a civil lawsuit from a woman who was hit in the head by a moosehead that came off the wall during a night of partying in 2009. Tonight one officer noted that the windows along Delancey Street were shattered long ago but Sundovik has not gotten around to repairing the damage.

She’ll presumably be in court next week, trying to get her bar reopened. We’ll follow-up.

LES Music Tonight

We hear Living Days will be playing a FREE show tonight at White Slab Palace (you know, the place with the really tall stools and the falling caribou…) Also in the roundup:

Wolf In A Spacesuit - at Pianos tonight

Starting at 8pm - Joyous Noise, Ritz Riot, Eros and Cham Cham are at Fontana’s.

It’s Hi-Scores Recording Library Label Launch ($8) at Pianos with - Steel Phantoms, Dinosaur Bones Band [watch the impressive found footage video on myspace after the jump], and Wolf in a Spacesuit.
An all ages show with The Uglysuit ($5 at the door) starts the night off at the Living Room at 5:30pm followed by – Vicky Emerson, Mother Banjo, Libby Johnson , Milton and The Uglysuit (again at 10p).

Rocky Votolato, Golden Bloom, Peasant, Thieving Irons are at Mercury Lounge.

Friday News Links

A report by New York University's Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy finds the Lower East Side is among the neighborhoods in New York that experienced the most dramatic increases in housing prices between 1996 and 2006.The Lower East Side and Chinatown had a homeownership rate of 12.6% in 2007 (23.1% for all of Manhattan). The median household income in the neighborhood was $32,000 — less than half the median income citywide. The report says the hispanic population in the LES/Chinatown is declining, while the white population is growing. Still, the area remains one of the most diverse in all of New York. You can read more about the study here.

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is reconstructing the rear yard of 97 Orchard. Until indoor plumbing was installed in 1905, residents of the tenement used outhouses, bathed and got water for cooking in the yard.  You can read more about the restoration project on the Museum's blog. sponsors tomorrow night's Lower East side gallery tour. More than a thousand people took part last year. See the details here.

Eater reports "White Slab Palace," the new venture by the owners of the defunct "Good World Bar" owners, is now serving food.