1st Annual Funny Songs Festival Kicks Off

Left to right: Jessica Delfino, Carolyn Castiglia and Jen Kwok - a few of the musical comediennes performing at the Funny Songs Festival this weekend. Photo by Alex M. Smith.

We are excited for the First Annual Funny Songs Fest to kick off tomorrow night.  Organizer Jessica Delfino has been working around the clock with her team, securing cheap drinks, fun treats for goodie bags and over 50 talented musical comedians at some great venues here on the LES.

Delfino, who lives in the neighborhood, has been playing ukelele and singing “dirty folk” for almost a decade.  She told us she wanted to hold the event here because she is “focusing on developing the comedy music community,” and wanted those developments to enhance and benefit her neighbors and local community, as well.  “Plus,” she said,  “it’s just a few blocks away from my apartment, so I can party hard and stumble home with ease.”

Monday News Links

A New York Post analysis shows some encouraging early signs from a controversial program that pays students who improve their performance on standardized tests. The Post story mentions P.S. 188 on Houston Street, where: "76 percent of fourth-graders met or exceeded state benchmarks in
English — 39.6 percentage points higher than last year, when the kids
were in third grade."

The Gotham Gazette has an in-depth piece on the future of community boards in New York, exploring whether how they will fare in Mayor Bloomberg's assessment of city government.

An Choi on Orchard Street debuts its backyard and adds items to the menu.

The Post profiles "The Dressing Room," on Orchard Street, declaring it's part of a "fusion bar" trend — combining shopping and drinking.