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seward park high school shelter

Mayor Bloomberg Tours LES Shelter; 90 Residents There

We're at Seward Park High School on Grand Street, where local leaders are giving a briefing on the status of the city's preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Earlier this afternoon, Mayor Mike Bloomberg toured the accommodations, where about 90 local residents...

Hurricane Irene; Reporting Inside Seward Park Shelter

After days of watching and waiting, we're about to find out how much punch Hurricane Irene is going to pack in New York City.   As you probably know just by looking out your window, the rain and winds have...

Residents in LES’s Zone A Urged to Evacuate by 5 p.m.

Public officials are reiterating the evacuation order for residents in Zone A, the low-lying areas closest to Manhattan's waterways. Staffers from Assemblymember Brian Kavanaugh's office just sent us this flyer: Campos, Riis, Wald, Baruch, Smith, Haven Plaza, Village East  YOU ARE...

Volunteers Needed at Seward Park Emergency Shelter

We have just received a plea from Mayor Bloomberg's office, via Community Board 3's Susan Stetzer, asking for help staffing the shelter at Seward Park High School at 350 Grand St., the primary emergency housing for lower Manhattan flood zone...

Lower East Side Storm Watch 11:20 a.m.

The Seward Park High School evacuation center and emergency shelter is now seeing some activity. A number of residents have checked in. News crews are awaiting a facility tour from mayor's office.

Storm Watch Saturday: Scenes Around the LES

The rain began to spatter around 10 a.m., as Lower East Side residents and businesses braced for Hurricane Irene's impact. The storm made landfall near Point Lookout, N.C. this morning, and began churning up the East Coast. Along the East...
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Latest News

Smoky Sunrise Over the East River

Michael Kramer sent this photo of the red sun rising through the smoke over the East River this morning....
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