Food Wire: New Plan for 154 Orchard, Breakfast at Peels, Special at Baohaus

In Lower East Side food/restaurant news:

  • Michael Huynh is changing the concept at 154 Orchard again. Bia Garden never caught on, so he planned a course correction, turning the place into an Asian tacos destination. Weeks after the new venture was supposed to open, however, Huynh tells Eater he’s changed his mind. The new plan: a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant called Andy ‘n’ Bao.
  • Fatta Cuckoo on Clinton Street soft-opened this weekend.  Via Twitter, they’re beckoning us to come by for cocktails (although we later found out they were closed Monday).
  • Today at Baohaus: “$10 TV Dinner;” braised pork on rice, fish cakes with smoked ham hock, and eight treasure stir fry.

Tuesday News Links

It'll be all Sotomayor all the time online and over the airwaves today. Sonia Sotomayor, a New York federal appellate judge, is President Obama's choice for the Supreme Court. She grew up in a Bronx Housing Project in the shadow of Yankee Stadium. Her family came to this country from Puerto Rico. See more about her life story here, here, here and here.

The Tenement Museum blogs about Streit's Matzo, a Lower East Side institution, which has been on the verge of moving from its Rivington Street headquarters for at least the past two years. The company has had a tough time finding a buyer for the 47,500 square foot building.

Serious Eats gives us a pictorial tour of the locally grown and produced foods being offered at the old Fulton Market Fridays and Saturdays through the summer.