Regina’s Grocery Opens at 27 Orchard St.

Roman Grandinetti. Photos courtesy of Regina's Grocery.

Roman Grandinetti. Photos courtesy of Regina’s Grocery.

You might have noticed Regina’s Grocery, a little Italian specialty shop that soft opened at 27 Orchard St. in the past month. It’s the inspiration of Roman Grandinetti, founder of the downtown creative agency CNNCTD. Today the place id officially open to the masses.

Grandinetti’s mom, Regina, is in the kitchen, preparing traditional Italian sandwiches (prosciutto, mozzarella, smoked chicken, tuna, etc.) In a press release,  Grandinetti said, “We wanted to build a place where it felt like your home… My family opened their doors on holidays, Sunday’s – any day, to everyone I’ve ever know. This is what we’re going to do on Orchard Street with Regina’s.” They’ll also be selling Regina’s homemade sauces to take home and a variety of Italian grocery items.

Given Grandinetti’s marketing savvy and downtown connections, you can expect special collaborations in the future, including private dinner events with well-known chefs. According to the release, “The front room is modeled off of old-school social clubs and will host poker nights, and other events after-hours.”

Regina’s is open noon-5 p.m. daily. Delivery is available via GrubHub. You can have a look at the menu here.