Velazquez, Sadik-Khan Announce Traffic Study


Rep. Nydia Velazquez and DOT Commissioner Janette Sadek-Khan just wrapped up a news conference in Chinatown. Standing on Hester Street, on the edge of Sara D. Roosevelt Park, they announced the beginning of a neighborhood traffic safety study. More details later.

Friday News Notes

As Albany turns. The governor pretty much summed up the week: “The dysfunction and chaos in the Senate has wasted an entire week of the people’s business.”

The City Council wants to require NYPD traffic cops to snap a photo every time they write a ticket.

The Daily News reports more than 2600 employees of the New York public schools will lose their jobs this fall due to budget cuts. No teachers will be fired, but the impact of axing school aides, counselors and hall monitors will be felt in the classroom.

At Levant East, formerly Thor, in the Hotel on Rivington you will be greeted (or turned away, as the case may be) by a doorman.