A Visit to Bobby’s, the New Nightclub on Chrystie Street

Bobby’s on Chrystie Street. Photo via UrbanDaddy.

Nightclubs come and go in this town but Bobby’s, the LES’s newest, which opened with a splash on Saturday night on Chrystie Street, is hoping to make a lasting impression. Their “M-O?” Dress to the nines. But don’t expect your best kicks and jeans to do the trick. Bobby’s is bringing class back to night clubbing in the form of tuxes and bow ties, black gowns, gloves to the elbows, and specialty cocktails.

Sound like the good old days? Well you are right. Bobby’s is hoping its art-deco themed room, complete with a wall to ceiling glass skyline and cozy banquet seating, will invoke a feeling of the days when chivalry was commonplace, dancing was par for the course, and grown-ups ‘dressed’ to go out.

Weekend Music Picks

Here are musician Ken Beasley’s top music picks on the Lower East Side for this weekend:

Air Traffic Controller

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER – Fri, July 29 | 7PM at The Living Room

While most pop-rock bands are content to pick a key, strum 4 chords, and repeat a chorus 2.5 times, Air Traffic Controller compellingly thinks a little more before taking the plunge. The heart of Air Traffic Controller beats within the chest of songwriter Dave Munro, who was indeed at one time, an honest to goodness air traffic controller. The Boston native has since traded his radar for a guitar, and now travels the country playing songs made as much for the listening room as they are for the radio. FREE// 196 Allen St.

My LES – Leslie P. Pena

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What do you do?

I am a community and legislative liaison for Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh, on the LES between 14th Street and Delancey. I get to interact with people who live in our community on a daily basis, assisting constituents in resolving housing problems and accessing government services. I represent our office at Community Board 3 meetings and attend many events in the neighborhood.