In Search of the Perfect Chicken on the LES

Luis Meat Market, Essex Street Market. Photos by Cynthia Lamb.

Our neighborhood has traditionally been the home of immigrants, and continues to be so today.  I was surprised when a few friends, people who were raised outside of this country, expressed a dislike for chicken, America’s most popular menu item. It struck me as strange to hear repeatedly that the our chicken has a “weird” texture and flavor compared to the chicken they grew up eating. I’ve traveled quite a bit, and noticed that the chicken in some places seemed more delicious, but I’d chalked that up to the excitement of eating in a foreign country. Perhaps it was time to rethink chicken at home? I’d gotten away from eating it often, because I found other options more interesting.

Luis Meat Market

Luis Meat Market, Essex Street Market.

Luis Meat Market, Essex Street Market.

Luis Rodriguez sells a wide variety of meats in his butcher shop at the Essex Street Market, including inexpensive everyday cuts of beef, pork and poultry as well as more unusual offerings such as rabbit, goat and oxtail.

120 Essex Street


Hours 8am-6pm

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