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lower east side hurricane

Sandy Aftermath: Thursday Morning Update

On Day 3 post-Sandy, the LES remains in the dark and attention begins to turn to stretching provisions, caring for our most vulnerable elderly populations and keeping bored children occupied. Hang on tight, everybody, and please check on your neighbors, particularly if you're...

After Irene: Even More Photos

These photos are from Lo-Down readers and/or contributors. The first scenes are from East Broadway, where two trees toppled inside Seward Park. The other photos are from Grand Street near FDR Drive.

East River Park Flooding at 6th Street

 East River Park fans were undaunted by wide pools of standing water.

Hurricane Irene Devastates East Side Trees

Hurricane Irene took out large trees in Corlears Hook Park and the East River Housing Corp, crushing a bus stop on Grand Street and littering the roads and sidewalks with debris. More photos after the jump.  

Trees Down on Grand Street

We're checking out Grand Street near FDR Drive, where at least four trees are down. A police car just arrived on the scene.

Awning Down on Ludlow Street

A specialty foods supplier on Ludlow Street lost its awning to Hurricane Irene.

Seward Park Tree Falls Across East Broadway

A large tree in Seward Park crashed over the fence and into East Broadway early this morning.Hurricane Irene's rain and winds claimed a tree in Seward Park early this morning. It fell into the westbound lane of East Broadway,...

What’s a Storm Surge, Anyway?

There's been a lot of media chatter about the potential for Hurricane Irene's storm surge, which may be more dangerous than the average Category 1 hurricane because of the storm's unusually large size and slow pace. But for us denizens of the...

Hurricane Irene; Reporting Inside Seward Park Shelter

After days of watching and waiting, we're about to find out how much punch Hurricane Irene is going to pack in New York City.   As you probably know just by looking out your window, the rain and winds have...
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