LES Bites: Spate of Closings, Cheap Eats, Raise a Glass to Public Art

A Visit to Bobby’s, the New Nightclub on Chrystie Street

Bobby’s on Chrystie Street. Photo via UrbanDaddy.

Nightclubs come and go in this town but Bobby’s, the LES’s newest, which opened with a splash on Saturday night on Chrystie Street, is hoping to make a lasting impression. Their “M-O?” Dress to the nines. But don’t expect your best kicks and jeans to do the trick. Bobby’s is bringing class back to night clubbing in the form of tuxes and bow ties, black gowns, gloves to the elbows, and specialty cocktails.

Sound like the good old days? Well you are right. Bobby’s is hoping its art-deco themed room, complete with a wall to ceiling glass skyline and cozy banquet seating, will invoke a feeling of the days when chivalry was commonplace, dancing was par for the course, and grown-ups ‘dressed’ to go out.

Summer Sunday Afternoon Drinks with a View – and a Soak?

Grub Street reports that the penthouse suite in the Hotel on Rivington will be opening its doors to the public this summer and using its hot-tub rooftop as a bar:

20090513_rooftop_146x97 Matt Levine’s project in the Hotel on Rivington, called LEVANTeast (your guess is as good as ours). Here’s the interesting part: It’s in the penthouse suite, where the rooftop hot tub is located. Normally this has been used for private parties, but a hotel receptionist tells us that starting next month, it’ll be open as a bar during summer Sundays from 1 p.m. till 9 p.m.

Not a bad spot for a drink with a great view and maybe a dip?

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