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LES Art Galleries

Lower East Side Galleries Push for More Visitors

Hoping to encourage more foot traffic, gallery owners Leslie Heller and Bart Keijsers Koning recently kicked off the inaugural L.E.S. Art Week, featuring exhibits at local galleries with a special emphasis on female artists or groups of female artists. Laura Olivieri...

Galleries Continue to Bloom on the L.E.S.

As has been mentioned, the burgeoning art gallery scene on the L.E.S. is not showing any signs of slowing down -- if anything, it feels like it's speeding up. Three new arrivals - Garis & Hahn (263 Bowery), Shin...

Gallery Goer: What to See This Week

At Charles Bank Gallery there’s a group show with a serious name: “Inglorious Materials.”  But don’t be scared off, the show features the work of of five different artists who explore different permutations of collage that create a visual...

TLD Interview: Gallery Owner Lesley Heller

For some time we’ve been intrigued by the shows at Lesley Heller Workspace on lower Orchard Street. So I was excited to sit down with owner Lesley Heller recently to learn more about her approach to curating shows and...
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Latest News

Lower East Side Arts & Culture Weekly Roundup

Here are some suggestions for upcoming events that are on our radar: Check out Fire Through Dry Grass, (photo above)...
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