Follow-up: Gavin DeGraw Released from Hospital, Fuzzy on Attack Details

Singer Gavin DeGraw was released from Bellevue Hospital yesterday, after being treated for a broken nose, a concussion and other injuries suffered in an attack on the Lower East Side early Monday morning.

In a message to his fans, Degraw said, “Hi my friends. Honestly, I don’t remember much. I only know I can recover from here. Thank u all for your genuine concern. I love u guys.”

The incident happened around 3 or 4 a.m., shortly after DeGraw left the National Underground, the East Houston music club he co-owns with brother Joey.  Yesterday, reports indicated the beating happened on east 6th Street, near 1st Avenue. But according to the New York Times, police “do not know precisely where the attack occurred, and they were seeking a second interview with Mr. DeGraw to get a clearer account.”   More details from the Times:

Detectives have tried to reconstruct Mr. DeGraw’s movements with footage from surveillance cameras… One video captured Mr. DeGraw at 3:26 a.m. on Monday as he walked alone from the bar near Allen and Houston Streets. He wore a ripped shirt but did not appear to be bleeding. At 3:48 a.m. a second camera filmed him as he walked on First Avenue, between Third and Fourth Streets. Then at 4:01 a.m. he appeared to be bloodied and injured when a camera filmed him walking on the west side of First Avenue, near Seventh Street.

Following the altercation, DeGraw made his way up to 19th Street, where he was struck by a taxi. A witness called 911, and the singer was transported to Bellevue. DeGraw said he had spent the evening drinking with friends.

The pop singer is preparing to release his fifth album, Sweeter, September 20.


Singer Gavin DeGraw Beaten on LES, Hit by Cab

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The New York Post reports tonight: singer Gavin DeGraw was attacked early this morning on East 6th Street near 1st Avenue.  He had apparently just left some friends, around 4 a.m., after having drinks in the neighborhood when the incident happened.

Police say DeGraw was beaten by several people — but the reason is unclear (the motive was evidently not robbery). After the ordeal, DeGraw began walking uptown and was struck by a cab at 19th Street and 1st Avenue. This evening, DeGraw remains at Bellevue Hospital, where he has a broken nose and cuts on his face.

DeGraw, 34,  and his brother own a club, the National Underground on East Houston Street. This summer he has been opening for Maroon 5 and Train.

National Underground Plans to Reopen, Bands Kvetch

Joey DeGraw hopes to reopen The National Underground tomorrow night.

In the six days since the city’s health department shut The National Underground down, Joey DeGraw has been up late cleaning out his walk-in cooler, installing new bathroom vents and caulking the floorboards of his stage. A crew of employees and volunteer NYC musicians who are regulars at his East Houston Street joint have rolled up their sleeves to help him tackle a list of violations that brought the club’s 75-shows-a-week business to a screeching halt. A re-inspection is scheduled for tomorrow; if it goes well, the music resumes tomorrow night. In the meantime, DeGraw doesn’t have a lot of time for complainers.