Brooklyn Bitters Brewing on the LES

Jason Rowan, at the essex Street Market.

Jason Rowan needs to buy a label maker.

The brown glass medicine bottles lined up in a gourmet shop in the Essex Street Market bear labels produced on his home printer. But since Rowan and business partner Mark Buettler launched Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters eight weeks ago, the pair can’t keep up that way any more.

Demand for their bitters—concoctions born of macerating fruits, herbs and spices in alcohol and other bittering agents, which are then used to flavor cocktails—has outpaced their home-office equipment, and they are ramping up production and packaging to meet it.

“We’re at that awkward phase, where you’ve dipped your toe in, and then all of the sudden you’re getting all this feedback, and people wanting more,” Rowan said.

Cheese & Wine Throwdown!

Here’s something interesting, via cheese monger Ann Saxelby’s blog: a cheese and wine throwdown!  Saxelby Cheesemongers and September Wines will be taking on Formaggio Essex and Discovery Wines. Ann explains: “Attendees will judge six rounds of hard-hitting deliciousness and cast their ballots to decide who the winner will be.”  The event takes place Monday, November 15th, 8pm. The secret location on the LES will be disclosed when you buy your ticket. If you’re interested, email Cost: $60.

Formaggio Essex

The high-end store in the Essex Street Market offers an interesting selection of cheeses, oils and other specialty food items.

120 Essex Street, near Delancey


Hours: 10am-7pm

Web site