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Congee Bowery Reopens, UC Lounge Remains Closed

Congee Bowery at 207 Bowery was reinspected Friday and has reopened for business.

Following up on a story we brought you last week, the popular Congee Bowery restaurant has reopened. Originally shuttered on Jan. 9 for racking up 55 points in sanitary violations–just two weeks after scoring 50 points–the restaurant was reinspected by the health department twice last week and finally given the green light on Jan. 13, records show. The subsequent inspections logged 18 points and then 11 points, the latter of which consisted of three violations, only one considered “critical.”

Judging from all the lamentations on Twitter about Congee Bowery’s closure, we suspect this news will be greeted with joy by the eatery’s fans.

Health Department Shutters Congee Bowery

Congee Bowery at 207 Bowery was ordered closed on Monday.

Seven health department violations, five of them critical, caused inspectors to order the Congee Bowery to close this week.

Authorities visited the popular Chinese eatery on Jan. 9 and issued it 55 points. Violations included improper holding temperatures for both hot and cold food items, evidence of mice and roaches, and unsanitary food surfaces.

Monday’s closure was a follow-up inspection to a Dec. 27 visit by inspectors, in which Congee Bowery drew 50 points. City records show the 7-year-old restaurant has received more than 50 points on four inspections dating back to March 2011, with several follow-ups with good scores in between.

Congee Bowery

Revel in the tacky decor as you slurp down big bowls of congee (rice porridge). There’s an extensive menu featuring many other Cantonese dishes.One of the best bargains in the neighborhood – and they deliver!

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