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chinatown's giant snowman

Giant Snowman Makes 2018 Debut at Essex and Canal Streets

Even before the snow stopped falling today, work began on this year's version of "Chinatown's Giant Snowman." Stop by the corner grocery at Essex and Canal streets to see the work in progress!

Chinatown’s Giant Snowman Appears!

In these trying, uncertain times it's comforting to know that some things do not change. Every year, the giant snowman makes an appearance in front of the corner grocery at Essex and Canal streets. He was still being worked...

Here He Comes: Chinatown’s Giant Snowman (2016 Edition)

We've been waiting... and waiting... since the big storm. When would Chinatown's Giant Snowman make his first 2016 showing at the corner of Essex Street and Canal Street. No fear, our friends at the local grocery are working away....
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