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Photos: Centre-fuge Cycle 10 Debuts

Centre-fuge began to unveil "Cycle 10" over the weekend, the latest installment of the organization's public art project on East 1st Street. Eight artists, all new to Centre-fuge,  are featured this time around. They include: CS-Navarrete, Damien Mitchell, Miishab...

Q&A With Centre-fuge Curators Pebbles Russell & Jonathan Neville

Last week, the Centre-fuge public art project debuted another series of murals at 1st Street and 1st Avenue.  As "Cycle 9" of the ongoing installation neared completion, we caught up with curators Pebbles Russell and Jonathan Neville to talk...

Centre-Fuge is Crowdfunding to Expand Its Mission

We already posted photos from last weekend's Ideas City Festival.  Now a new gallery from Saturday's big event focused on Centre-Fuge, the ongoing public art project at 1st Street and 1st Avenue.  Centre-Fuge is in the middle of a...
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Latest News

Lower East Side Links

Photo: Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Some of the headlines that caught our eye in the past week: --The NYPD cracked...
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