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Jeffrey’s Meat Market Closed — At Least For Now

This morning, there are no signs of any activity at Jeffrey's Meats in the Essex Street Market and the display cases are completely bare. Yesterday, an employee told us it was the store's last day in business.  In the...

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank The Lo-Down’s sponsors: The Abrons Arts Center, which just joined us as annual sponsor Neal Young & Jeremy Bolger/Halstead Property The Lower East Side Business Improvement District: Third Thursdays (co-sponsored with The Lo-Down) begins...

Rent Hike Only Part of the Problem at Jeffrey’s Meats

Here's the latest on the plight of Jeffrey's Meats, a Lower East Side institution that's fallen on hard times. Last week, news of a 29% rent increase raised new concerns that Jeffrey Ruhalter, a fourth generation butcher, wouldn't be...
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Welcome to This Month’s New Sponsors – and a Special Deal from Dora!

We'd like to take a moment to welcome our new Annual Sponsors: the Educational Alliance, Dora (the new coffee shop on East Broadway) and the Village Zendo. Dora is offering a special Valentine's Day deal to readers of The Lo-Down....
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The Lo-Down Culture Cast Episode 10 – Michelle Myles, Co-Owner of Daredevil Tattoo

Host Traven Rice spoke with tattoo artist and historian Michelle Myles for this week's episode of The Lo-Down Culture...

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