Lower East Side Links

Photo: Hamilton Fish Park.

News headlines from the Lower East Side in the past week:

–Chinatown’s family associations have for many years kept gentrification at bay, since they collectively own many neighborhood buildings. But could financial pressures force them to sell? There’s a new effort to appeal to the younger generation, keeping the associations relevant and focused on maintaining Chinatown as a center of Chinese American culture. [The New York Times]

–At Yu and Me Books in Chinatown, a monthly reading series uplifts the experiences of Asian American women. [CBS News]

–A look at how cannabis dispensaries, many of them located on the Lower East Side, are adapting “to the shifting legal landscape” in New York. [Retail Brew]

–Here’s the agenda for Tuesday’s night’s Community Board 3 meeting. [CB3 website]

–“New York’s premiere yakitori craftsman” will be opening Kono, his permanent spot in Chinatown on Monday. [Eater]

–Forlini’s, the classic Italian restaurant on Baxter Street, is now closed — but you can buy one of 32 artworks that adorned Florlini’s walls. [Daily Beast]

–Here’s a first look at events coming up in May for Lower East Side History Month. [The People’s LES]