New York’s Farm.One Brings Home Cooks A World Of Flavors And Freshness (Sponsored)

Farm.One has been a staple of New York City’s fine dining scene since 2016. It made its name amongst Michelin chefs at restaurants like Eleven Madison Park, Atera, and Marea, with the rare and specialty ingredients it grew in its indoor vertical farm in Tribeca. During the Covid-19 lockdown the company started a new delivery service to New Yorkers of fresh greens, herbs and edible flowers it became famous for. 

With its new farm in Brooklyn, Farm.One is now offering the same Michelin quality greens delivered every week to residents of the city, with a special 2nd week FREE for readers of The Lo-Down (use promo code LODOWN100)

Michelin Quality Greens for Everyone

Outside, the air feels dry and cold on Worth St, and the sun shines, enveloping a perfectly blue sky.  You are surrounded by Tribeca’s banks, restaurants, and spas. Walk about 50 steps into Farm.One, however, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a warm, lush….farm? 

Farm.One built Manhattan’s first and only commercial hydroponic farm in the basement of 77 Worth St, where you can feel a gentle humidity and smell familiar flavors, like Genovese basil, and some not so common ones like Blue Spice Basil. Everything is grown indoors, under energy efficient artificial lights with nutrient rich water feeding the plants.  

For years, Farm.One had been the secret sauce of many of the city’s  best chefs who were previously sourcing the types of rare varieties and ingredients Farm.One supplied from far away places like The Netherlands and Israel. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the Farm.One team reworked its business to make its Michelin quality produce  something all New Yorkers could bring into their kitchens.

“We started testing a weekly delivery of our greens and herbs to residents around Tribeca in late Summer last year and it was a hit right away,” said Rob Laing, Farm.One’s founder and CEO. “We sold out of our farm in a few months and introduced a line of freshly made smoothies and nut mylks, and also mushrooms. We knew we could bring a bit of freshness, flavor and joy to New Yorkers who were cooped up in their homes.”

The Farm.One community loved that they were able to get locally produced produce that was harvested the day of delivery to elevate their everyday meals. “Discovering Farm.One was one of the best things to come out of the pandemic for our family” said Mi-Hyung, a mother of two in Soho. Meanwhile, over in Tribeca, long-time customer, Shadow said that Farm.One’s offerings are “not at all what you get at a store”.

To meet the growing demand for its products, Farm.One opened a new larger farm at 625 Bergen St in Prospect Heights in September 2021. 

Harvested in the Morning, Bursting With Flavor In Your Fridge By The Afternoon

With each week’s delivery of Farm.One’s Greens Pack, you get enough greens to make 5 to 6 servings of salad with endless opportunities for culinary creativity. You also  get about 3oz of fresh herbs and an assortment of edible flowers that you can use as garnishes for cocktails and mocktails to impress your family and friends. Everything is harvested the morning of delivery which means you get flavors that can’t be found in store bought greens and quality that lasts in the fridge for well over a week. 

“We typically harvest about 10 different varieties of micro and baby greens each morning, along with half a dozen varieties of rare herbs and edible flowers,” said Justin Randolph, who runs Farm.One’s farm operations team. “​​We’re unique in that we are able to deliver our greens to our Members within hours of harvest. Other produce that spends considerable time in storage, transportation and on store shelves tastes flabby and dull. We’re also able to maintain a year-round cycle of planting and harvesting that provides our Members with fresh greens through all four seasons.”

Clean, Healthy, Better for the Environment and New York

According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, roughly 75 percent of the nation’s lettuce and leafy greens are grown in California.  By growing in the city, Farm.One cuts the carbon emissions from transporting California organics over thousands of miles. The company goes a step further by entirely eliminating single-use plastic by packaging its deliveries in reusable containers that it collects each week from its Members when they drop off the following week’s freshly harvested greens.  It then sanitizes the containers and puts them back in rotation.

Farm.One also directly employs its delivery team, they call them Member Envoys – no gig workers! They’re full time employees that have full health and dental benefits, 20 days of paid time off a year, as well as a 401(k) program. 

Subscribe for your weekly Greens Pack at Farm.One today & get your 2nd week FREE using code: LODOWN100