Local Musician Jill Fiore Celebrates One Year Anniversary of “Fiore Escape” With Live Show

Jill Fiore and band perform on Essex Street. photo by Johan Vipper

Local musician and singer-songwriter Jill Fiore returns to the “Fiore Escape” on Essex Street this Friday, October 15 at 6:30pm for an anniversary performance. It will mark one year since she played her very first “Fiore Escape” show in October 2020 in the height of the pandemic. Feeling a desire to connect and perform when many were isolated and live venues were shut down, she too to her fire escape and invited friends and neighbors to join her on Essex Street, while she and her band played, safely, above the crowd.

She has since played two encore Fiore Escapes, as well as a handful of other gigs around the city, recorded and released new music and filmed and released her first official music video for “The Climb,” set in the Arizona desert.

photo by Bob Krasner

This weekend’s encore performance will include a multi-camera livestream so that anyone can access the show. Fiore will be joined by bandmates Derek Cruz on lead guitar, Dave Spinley on saxophone, and Joan Chew on bass.

She notes, “Like previous Fiore Escapes, this one will be a community event with neighboring businesses, including a pizza party courtesy of Party Bus Bakeshop.”

The Fiore Escape will live-stream on Jill’s Youtube channel and Facebook Musician page. You can follow her Instagram @soundandfiore for upcoming show info.