Lower East Side Links

Photo by Susan Levinson.

A few of the stories that caught our eye on the Lower East Side in the past week:

–Chinatown has never fully recovered economically from 9/11 but here’s an under–appreciated fact: many people in the neighborhood also suffered emotional trauma following the terror attacks that has gone untreated for two decades. [NBC News]

–Teachers, including two working in Chinatown schools 20 years ago, look back on September 11, 2001. [Chalkbeat]

–Photojournalist Alan Chin shares his memories and photos from 9/11 and the global events that followed. [Business Insider]

–A new generation is trying to keep Chinatown legacy businesses alive. [Conde Nast Traveler]

–The Delancey-Essex Municipal Gararge is now home to four new fast-charging electric car plug-in stations. [New York Post]

–ABC Carpet & Home, which originated as a pushcart business on the Lower East Side, fights for survival after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. [Bloomberg]

–One of the Lower East Side’s most interesting small businesses, C.W. Pencil Enterprises, is unfortunately closing at the end of the year. Owner Caroline Weaver explains, “It’s been seven years since I first started realizing this magical little place, and I’m grateful that I could make such an impossible concept work for as long as it did. The truth is, this kind of business just breaks even in the best of times, and while there’s no safety net for things like global pandemics, I’ve always chosen what I feel is the right way to do things, even if it’s not always the smart way. It’s become apparent in the past two years that the right way, under these circumstances, just doesn’t pay the bills.⁣⁣” [Instagram]

–Remembering Joseph Kramer, “the country doctor of Avenue D,” who died at te age of 96. [The New York Times]

–New attention for the 1975 classic, “Hester Street” following a 4K restoration. [Yahoo Entertainment]