Jim Jarmusch Newsprint Collages Come to James Fuentes Gallery

It turns out indie filmmaking icon Jim Jarmusch is also a visual artist who has been fascinated by newsprint since he was a small child. James Fuentes gallery will present “Jim Jarmusch Newsprint Collages,” a collection of forty collages made between 2016 and the present, with newspaper images combined into one or two layers against a ground of reused cardboard, brown craft paper, or black paper.

The writer-director and Lower East Sider says in the press release, “I remember as a kid, I received a microscope for my birthday. The first thing I examined through its lenses was a tiny scrap of torn newspaper. I was astounded. Instead of a single, solid sheet-like material, it was in fact a tangled mass of threadlike fibers, a chaotic jungle of microscopic pulp. Fascinated, I then checked other types of papers, and some fabrics, which were also interesting and even unexpected—but nothing was quite like the texture of newsprint. Ever since, the fragility and inherently temporary nature of this particular (and now nearly obsolete) material has attracted me. Even when watching an old movie and I see the big “presses rolling,” my newsprint neurons fire up immediately.”

The exhibit will run September 29–October 31, 2021.