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Here’s How the Lower East Side is Doing in the Battle Against Covid-19

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Photo: Gouverneur Health, November 2020.

None of us want to revisit those scenes from the height of the pandemic — people waiting in lines for an hour or more for a Covid-19 test. It’s unlikely. But the news from the past week was pretty unsettling.

As the Delta variant pushes case numbers and hospitalizations up in New York City and communities across the country, the CDC changed its mask guidance. The federal health agency now recommends that vaccinated people wear masks indoors if their community has seen more than 50 new Covid cases in the past week or where there are more than 8% positive cases.

It’s been awhile since we checked how the Lower East Side is doing on the Covid front, so we thought we’d have a look.

According to The City’s pandemic tracker, the 7-day positive rate in zip code 10002 is 3%. A total of 1,722 people were tested in the neighborhood in the past week. There were 9.9 cases per 100,000. The highest positive test rate for the week was in Staten island (zip code 10312). It was 6.65% there.

Over at Gothamist, they’re also tracking NYC Covid data. In the past 28 days, there have been six hospitalizations for Covid among Lower East Side residents.

The vaccination rate in zip code 10002 is 72%. It’s 77% when you include people who are partially vaccinated. The citywide vaccination rate is just shy of 60%.

If you haven’t yet been vaccinated, you can find a vaccination site here.

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