Jill Fiore Brings an Encore Performance to Her Lower East Side Fire Escape

Jill Fiore performing on her fire escape, via her Instagram page: @soundandfiore

Local musician Jill Fiore will offer an “encore” performance from her now famous fire escape, on Essex Street, between Grand and Hester (above Delancey Car Service) on Saturday, June 12th at 8:30pm. Fiore made a splash by offering free live concerts from her fire escape this past year as the COVID-19 pandemic wore on and performance venues throughout the city were shut down. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 in April of 2020, but recovered from her bout with new inspiration to share her tunes, and realized she could do it from her very own front steps, or in this case, her own Lower East Side fire escape.

She put together the first show in October of 2020 and dubbed it the ‘Fiore Escape’.  It was a hit with locals and reminded the community how much has been lost as we all hunkered down and stayed inside.

Fiore has since garnered quite a bit of local media attention and gone on to record some new songs, which she will share on Saturday. In a recent update, Fiore told The Lo-Down:

“Much has happened since you covered the last [Fiore Escape], both good and very bad. My dad passed away in February and I almost completely stopped the presses on my music endeavors. But, because of great people like you who helped tell my story so well, it really helped me to get through the grief knowing my dad was so proud to see me and his name in the press and on TV before he passed away. He not only saw me happy, but he saw me making a difference in people’s lives. What a gift!

I have since dusted off my boot straps, recorded two more songs that I’m releasing next weekend for the show, filmed a rock music video in the Arizona desert (coming soon!), and was featured in this beautiful docuseries … that really honors our Lower East Side community.  I’ve planned what should be the best Fiore Escape yet this Saturday June 12th, what would have been my parents 56th wedding anniversary in honor of my dad, with even better sound and lighting and the businesses on the block participating—even more community oriented. So, I am back on my mission to champion resilience and recovery, but this time with a celebration of LIFE and LOVE.”