Lams of Ludlow Street Concludes Exhibition With Final Unveiling

Bath Time, 2004, by Thomas Holton

A fascinating photo exhibition, The Lams of Ludlow Street by Thomas Holton, currently on view in the single large window at Home Gallery (291 Grand St.), will be wrapping up with a final unveiling on Thursday, May 20, from 4pm – 8pm.

The photo series documents the life of the Lams, a Chinese family living in Chinatown, photographed over eighteen years. Curator William Chan selected four images to be displayed in the window gallery, one at a time. Every two weeks through June 1st, viewers encountered a new photograph, presented in chronological order.

The gallery notes: “This exhibition holds significant importance because of its location and timing. While parts of the Lams series have been exhibited in many museums, these images have never been so openly accessible to the very community that they speak to. Representation of Asian Americans has improved since Holton started to photograph the Lams in 2003. Despite this progress, there has been a rise in anti-Asian attacks since the pandemic started. Both Asian-American themselves, the curator and artist hope these images can contribute to conversations within the community and a larger dialogue.” 

Watching ‘Black Mirror,” 2019, by Thomas Holton

On Thursday, May 20, Holton and Chan will unveil the last photograph from the series, ‘Watching ‘Black Mirror’, which has never been exhibited nor published. They will engage in an informal discussion about this series and the representation of Asian Americans. Members of the Lam family will be present as well.