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Tips for Traveling Safely on a Charter Bus in New York (Sponsored)

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It’s still a good idea to stay home if you can, but at National Charter Bus, we understand that sometimes you need to travel for work, school, or religious observances. When you have to find group transportation in New York City, a charter bus offers a safer alternative to public transit.

On a bus rental you’ll only be exposed to people you already see on a regular basis, and your driver will implement enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures. But to help you stay even safer, here are a few tips for taking a charter bus in New York City right now:

1. Know who’s in your group.

Unlike the subway or a public bus, a charter bus will only hold people from your organization. But if you’re booking more than one bus, it’s a good idea to keep people who are in the same class or on the same work team together as much as possible.

2. Wear your face coverings.

We ask the charter bus drivers in our network to wear masks, and it’s a good idea for your group to do the same. You’ll not only protect each other, but your driver as well.

3. Wash and sanitize your hands. 

Many of the charter buses in our network have hand sanitizer onboard, but it’s always smart to bring your own. Although drivers wipe down high-touch areas of the bus regularly, it’s also a good idea to wash your hands after you arrive at your workplace, school, or home.

4. Consider requesting temperature checks. 

Your driver can provide your entire group with contact-free temperature checks before you board the bus. Temperature checks are a great idea if you need regular transportation to work or school, since it won’t be possible for everyone to isolate for two weeks before your trip.

5. Ask for a bus that’s big enough to allow social distancing.

National Charter Bus can provide buses in a variety of sizes, from 18-person minibuses to 56-person charter buses. You may want to consider renting a bus with more seats than you need so that people have space to social distance.

6. Open the windows.

In the middle of a New York winter, you’ll probably want to ignore this tip. But when the weather’s nice, you can easily open the windows on your bus to give you better air circulation (and even a nice breeze!)

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7. Visit places that allow for social distancing.

If you’re planning to go anywhere other than your school, workplace, or place of worship, make sure you stick to New York attractions that allow for social distancing. Go for a walk in Central Park, bike across the Brooklyn Bridge, or forest-bathe in beautiful Green-Wood cemetery. Want to eat? You can visit a restaurant or bar with plenty of outdoor dining space, like Wu’s Wonton King, Saigon Social, or Wildair.

8. Keep us updated on what you need.

Maybe you’re making plans and you just realized that you need to add temperature checks, hand sanitizer on the bus, or an extra vehicle. Give us a call at 718-233-4974 and let us know! National Charter Bus has 24/7 customer service, and our shuttle team can help you make any changes you need for a comfortable, safe bus trip in New York.

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