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Employee Shuttle Service Now Available in New York City (Sponsored)

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Top 3 Perks of Employee Shuttle Service in NYC

Booking long-term employee shuttle service in New York City for your business can set you far above the rest in the city. Shuttle rentals are privately operated, cleaner and more sanitary than public transportation, and can easily be arranged to operate on your time.

Private employee shuttles can have custom routes through the city, picking up at popular stops like Grand Central Station or small neighborhood stops in isolated areas. As New York City commuters begin planning their trips back to the office, you can take the load off your employees by giving them a comfortable and secure way to get to and from work.

Wondering exactly how private employee shuttle service will benefit your business? Here’s how we think shuttle buses will de-stress the rush hour commute and enhance your company’s work-life balance.


1. Increase productivity and morale.

New York City commuters will find they have a lot more productive time on their hands when they can ride a private shuttle bus to and from the office. You can book shuttles equipped with free WiFi and power outlets in every seat so passengers can easily get a head start replying to emails, charge their electronics on the go, or even work on projects during their commute.

While getting work done during commute is a helpful way to de-stress the day, so is thoroughly relaxing. Without needing to drive or deal with crowded trains during rush hour traffic, your employees have the opportunity to truly ease into the day or unwind at the end of it. With plush seats and ample leg room, they can comfortably nap, listen to music, or stream a TV show during their ride.

2. Strengthen workplace culture and branding.

Offering employee shuttle services—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic—goes a long way to show how much you care about the safety and health of your employees. Private shuttles let your employees avoid crowded public transportation, and even while maintaining a healthy social distance, your employees can use their stress-free shuttle commutes to create bonds and build stronger working relationships with co-workers.

As a bonus, you can wrap your employee shuttles with your company branding. Not only does this help build cohesion and pride in your employees when they step on board, it’s also a great way to show off your business. Spread your company name and logo around town with a private fleet of employee shuttle buses, and show-off just how dedicated you are to employee health, safety, and work-life balance.

3. Attract and keep more great employees.

With higher morale and a strong workplace culture, privately-operated employee shuttle service will set your company above the competition. Along with a 401k, stock options, and “Beer Fridays,” you can add “private shuttle service” to the list of perks and benefits you provide.

Competition employees will be incentivized to build their career with your company when they can rely on easy, stress-free commutes in New York City. A private, daily shuttle bus ride will do wonders for their work-life balance, as well as help them save money on gas and vehicle maintenance.

Book Employee Shuttle Service for Your NYC Office

If you’re ready to offer employee shuttle service to your workforce, Easy Charter Bus can get your started. Give us a call at 718-502-9983 to discuss what your ideal service looks like, and we’ll work on pairing your company with the perfect fleet. Your employees will go from dreading their rush hour New York City commutes to enjoying the relaxed and safe experience private shuttle service provides.

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