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Economy Candy Brings Back Old School Push Cart Service

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Economy Candy To Go

As businesses continue to reinvent themselves during these Coronavirus days, local favorite, Economy Candy has launched a fun endeavor. They write:

Every Saturday and Sunday this summer (weather permitting) we will be operating from a push cart outside of our store, dubbed “Economy Candy To Go,” with limited options available for immediate purchase including $10 Mystery Sweet, Mystery Sour and Mystery Chocolate Bags. We’ve also expanded our Curbside Pick Up options to include same day pick up for all orders…
Economy Candy Push Cart

Over the past few months the shop has had to transition the entire business online. They created a line of CandyCare Packs to generate business for the store, but it’s been challenging for the family-run operation.  

Skye Greenfield Cohen tells us, “Similarly to how our business pivoted from a hat and shoe repair shop that sold candy on a pushcart to a full blown candy store in 1937, we see parallels in our current transformation from one of New York City’s oldest brick and mortar retail candy stores to an exclusively online business specializing in CandyCare Packs. Of course, we do still offer our over 2,000 products (maybe a bit less given supply restraints) for order on our website for those who know exactly what they want!”

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