5 Reasons an Employee Shuttle Service Can Help Your Business (Sponsored)

As New York City residents begin thinking about returning to the old routine, many companies are coming up with ways to start the return-to-work process on the right foot.

What’s one of the best ways you can improve your workforce’s productivity and wellbeing? Transporting employees to and from work with a private shuttle service!

Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. It’s Safer and More Sanitary

If keeping your employees happy and healthy is one of your top priorities, sending them to and from work on public transportation is counterproductive. Sure, your employees may be maintaining healthy habits, but you can’t be sure the other 4 million people who take the subway are doing the same.

So how do you keep your employees safe and healthy when they return to the office? Help them limit their physical contact with strangers—an easy feat when you establish a private shuttle bus route that serves your employees and no one else. For example, GOGO Charters’ employee shuttle services ensure that drivers wear appropriate PPE and that fleets are thoroughly sanitized between trips. The bus company will work even with clients to arrange staggered seating so practicing social distancing—even on the road—is easier.

  2. It Destresses Their Commutes

Studies have shown that a long commute into work can lead to higher cholesterol, blood pressure, and rates of anxiety, as well as lowered life satisfaction and overall wellbeing. And even in a town like NYC where you’re employees may not drive into work, the stress of navigating public transit during rush hour can definitely start and end their day on a sour note.

When you offer an employee shuttle service from a bus stop, train station, rideshare lot, or any other designated pickup point, your employees will spend less time stressing over catching the early train or transferring onto the right bus line. Instead, they can let a professional driver handle all the navigation, and spend the ride mentally preparing for the workday ahead.

Besides, a stress-free ride to work is a great perk you can leverage to attract new talent to your company!

  3. Customizable Schedules and Routes

Rather than hopping on three different trains just to get to work, reserve an employee shuttle service through a company like GOGO Charters, and you have total control over where your buses go and when they get there. Whether your Brooklyn and Queens residents need a reliable and straight-forward ride to your Manhattan office or you need a zippy shuttle out to Long Island, Newark, and beyond—private transportation services are the best way to keep everyone on a streamlined route, on time and all together.

  4. On-the-Go Productivity

There’s never enough time in the day—especially in a city as fast-paced as NYC.

With a corporate shuttle, though, your employees can maximize their time by taking advantage of their shuttle’s onboard amenities. Need to shoot out a quick email before the morning meeting, or add some finishing touches to a presentation? Staying connected is easy when you request free WiFi for your ride by calling 1-855-826-6770. Didn’t have a chance to plug in your laptop or phone this morning? Most bus models can offer individual power outlets for every seat, so no one’s devices need to die in the middle of an important project or conference call.

  5. Comfort Beyond Compare

The subway is a quick and easy go-to option for many commuters, but you can’t say riding the rails is a comfortable experience. Especially if your business operates on a 9-to-5 basis, your employees likely face overcrowded cars and the need to hug their briefcases and backpacks to their chest on a daily basis.

Private shuttle bus services offer comfort you simply won’t find on other modes of transportation. Most bus rentals—even the most compact of minibuses—have plenty of storage to stash each passengers’ personal belongings. With more legroom to stretch out and a reclining seat to boot, your employees can sit back and relax, listen to the bus’s AM/FM radio or a chill playlist plugged into an AUX port, and scroll through their social feed over the onboard WiFi—all available upon request. In other words, with comfortable transportation to and from work, your employees are sure to arrive at the office refreshed and ready to take on the day.