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Lower East Side Links

Must Read

–Sheldon Silver loses another appeal and is now poised for one last ditch legal maneuver at the U.S. Supreme Court. [Daily News]

–City officials struggle to address concerns from residents about the East Side Coastal Resiliency Plan during a recent meeting of Community Board 3. [AM New York]

–The city announces plans to build new protected bike lanes, including one on Avenue C. [Gothamist]

–Another take on the woes of Chinatown businesses, hit hard by irrational coronavirus fears. [The Guardian]

–“The Lower East Side in 8 Songs;” celebrating the neighborhood’s extraordinary musical legacy, using a new exhibition at the New York Historical Society for inspiration. [New York Times]

–A story of the “life, death and rebirth of New York City’s most resilient dive bar.” What Sasha Lloyd of “The Hard Swallow” has overcome over the years on the Lower East Side. [Vice]

–Manhattan’s skyline has not changed for the better since the “shiny cheese grater, known as One Manhattan Square, sprung from Hades.” [Gothamist]

–Hanging out with Dennis Vassilatos, the night manager at Odessa Restaurant. [EV Grieve]

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Track the History of the Lower East Side With the Eldridge Street Museum and the Seward Park Library

The Eldridge Street Museum is collaborating with the Seward Park Library for what looks to be an interesting "tour"...

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