Lower East Side Links

–An analysis released by the city shows that the new 14th Street busway is boosting ridership and cutting commuting times without snarling traffic. [Daily News]

–Erica Tishman, a prominent architect, was killed by falling debris in Times Square. She was a longtime board member at the Lower East Side’s Educational Alliance. [Channel 4]

–There’s speculation about when and where Apple will choose to establish an office in New York City. The company reportedly looked at Essex Crossing in the last couple of months. [Bloomberg]

–Robert Sietsema lists his top 10 dishes at the new Essex Market/Market Line and makes a few observations about the glitzy new space: “Yes, a couple of good cheap options remain among the upstairs market stalls, including a fishmonger and a pair of vegetable stands. But at most of the new counters, the average price of goods has soared, and the bargain aspects of the old market have largely vanished.” [Eater]

–The sled dog, Togo, is now a Disney star, but thanks to a monument installed in Seward Park in 2001, Togo was already a local legend. [New York Post]