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A Bigger Dudley’s Opens Today at 85 Orchard St.

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The newly expanded Dudley’s officially opens for business today at 85 Orchard St.

The Australian restaurant has been a fixture on the corner of Broome and Orchard streets since 2012. Dudley’s has now taken over a neighboring storefront, creating a roomier interior space. There are also new menu items and cocktails. A publicist explains:

…the team is excited to introduce new drinks to their customers like their Espresso Martini on draft (Mr. Black Cold Brew Liqueur, Partner’s Cold Brew Concentrate, Vanilla Syrup). The already loved coffee drink is now going to be poured from the tap, powered by nitrogen gas, creating a wonderful, foamy drink that is sure to delight. The Espresso Martini is in partnership with Mr. Black, an up-and- coming Australian coffee cold brew liqueur.

While Dudley’s has its own outdoor seating, the city recently installed “Street Seats” on Broome and Orchard streets, complete with planters, tables and bike parking. This seating is open to anyone, and not part of the restaurant. The new public seating has also been installed outside neighboring Orchard Street restaurants Sticky Rice, An Choi and Cafe Katja.  Katja launched a revamped menu of its own a few months ago.


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