BIRDLINK, a Living Sculpture for Birds, Comes to Sara D. Roosevelt Park

BIRDLINK_Manhattan sculpture 2-1

Artist Anina Gerchick unveiled her latest BIRDLINK sculpture in Sara D. Roosevelt Park last Sunday. The living art sculpture made its way here after a prototype was set up on Governor’s Island last summer. Another sculpture was set up in the East River State Park in Williamsburg last fall. The project is meant to alert people to the challenges faced by migrating birds that may be on the edge of extinction. Her team writes:

With a recent U.N report detailing the extinction threat facing nearly one million plants and animals, BIRDLINK responds with an innovative network of habitat replacement interventions that support birds traversing the Atlantic Flyway – a major migratory corridor that crosses the city.

Organizations including New York City Audubon will offer educational programming during the summer and fall. Simultaneously, at East River State Park’s BIRDLINK, EPA grant funding is enabling a long-term study of plant competition and survival within this novel ecosystem, monitoring its effect on birds and insects.

“The shocking potential loss of biodiversity highlighted by the recent U.N report is another reminder of what’s at stake as climate change worsens,” said Gerchick. “BIRDLINK offers a positive, local approach to the  “what can I do” question: it demonstrates that supporting urban wildlife habitat is good for birds and good for people.”

In addition to the three New York City public sculptures, BIRDLINK installations are being considered for botanical gardens and nature museums in Georgia and Indiana. Private BIRDLINK installations are also available to commission for balconies, rooftops and backyards, and will help to expand the network of wildlife corridors.

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