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East Broadway Noodle Cart Lady is Planning on Returning in the Fall (Updated)

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Something just doesn’t look quite right on this corner across from Seward Park. You’ve probably noticed that the woman who runs that popular rice noodle cart a few steps away from Wu’s Wonton King (and the F Train stairwell) hasn’t been around in awhile. One local resident got in touch with us a few weeks ago to ask, “What’s up?”

We checked around with our trusted neighborhood sources, and learned that she’s coming back in the fall. A good friend of The Lo-Down ran into the woman on the street. She recently underwent knee surgery, and is taking the summer to recover. When school is back in session, it looks like she’ll be back on the southeast corner of East Broadway and Rutgers Street.

We’re sorry to say we don’t know the woman’s name (definitely time for a profile when she returns). The East Broadway Noodle Cart gets 4.5 stars on Yelp. Longtime neighborhood residents talk about coming to eat ridiculously cheap and delicious rice noodles, fish balls, congee and lo mein since they were kids. She’s been on the same corner since the 1990s, when these types of carts dotted the neighborhood.

UPDATE 8/7/2018: Matt Shapiro of the Street Vendor Project at the Urban Justice Center confirms for us that the operator of the East Broadway noodle cart underwent surgery. And we’re happy to learn her name. It’s Min Xiao.


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