The Summer of James and Karla: “Storefront” Show Opens Tonight in LES Gallery


It’s been a big summer for the local photographers James and Karla Murray. Their new installation, “Mom-and-Pops of the L.E.S.,” has been garnering lots of attention. And this evening a new show, “Storefront: The Disappearing Face of New York,” debuts just a few blocks away, at The Storefront Project, 70 Orchard St.

The Murrays are well known for their series of books documenting the disappearing storefronts of New York City. Tonight’s opening takes place at 70 Orchard St., from 6-9 p.m. The four-sided structure in Seward Park features nearly life size photos of three defunct businesses (including the Canal Street diner Cup & Saucer) and one stalwart (Katz’s Deli) which, thankfully, isn’t going anywhere.

The Murrays are profiled today in the New York Times.  They talked about their personal connection to Cup & Saucer:

In recent years, the Murrays used to walk from their apartment to Cup & Saucer, a tiny luncheonette at the corner of Canal and Eldridge Streets. “We’d go for the $5 breakfast, which included orange juice, coffee, two eggs, potatoes and toast,” Mr. Murray said. “Plus, John and Nick )the owners) would always throw a doughnut in the bag for regulars.” … Cup & Saucer was crowded many mornings with students who went to the nearby Pace High School, Ms. Murray said. “They kept prices low so people in the neighborhood and the school kids could eat there,” she said. “They knew how you liked your coffee. You’d hear all the neighborhood gossip.” After the diner closed, the actress Emma Stone filmed scenes from her coming Netflix series, “Maniac,” there. Now there is Canal Pizza, where a sidewalk display advertised two slices of pizza for $5 and a hamburger for $5.99. On a recent Tuesday, a man sat in the empty restaurant eating a slice of cheese pizza. He said he was waiting to catch a bus out of town.

Photo by James and Karla Murray, 2012.
Photo by James and Karla Murray, 2012.


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