Lower East Side Voices: New York’s War on E-Bikes

Earlier this year, Mayor de Blasio announced a crackdown on e-bikes, which he said pose a safety threat to pedestrians. There was a backlash among many delivery workers, who depend on the motorized bicycles. Today the mayor announced a compromise, as part of the city’s rule-making process

According to a press release from his office, “The new rule will recognize that pedal-assist bicycles are permissible, whereas throttle e-bikes, capable of travel at speeds over 20 MPH, cannot be legally operated on City streets under State law.” You can read more about the process here.

Recently, reporter Anurag Papolu spoke with a delivery man in Chinatown and an e-bike store owner as part of our Lower East Side Voices video series.  The series is a collaboration with CUNY Journalism School’s NY City News Service