Great NY Noodletown Closed by NYC Department of Health (Updated)


One of the most popular restaurants in Chinatown, Great NY Noodletown, was closed by city health inspectors earlier this month. Eater first reported on the closure yesterday afternoon.

The Department of Health made the move after a Jan. 12 inspection in which the longtime Cantonese spot at 28 Bowery racked up 116 violation points. The inspection noted evidence of mice, roaches and potential food contamination issues. The restaurant’s most recent inspection prior to this month took place in August of last year, when only 25 violation points were recorded.

When we walked past NY Noodletown last night, people were working inside but the drop-down gate was mostly closed. There was no answer last night when we tried to contact the restaurant by telephone.

UPDATE 1/21/2018 The restaurant is back open after a Friday re-inspection. NY Noodletown recorded only 3 points in the new inspection.