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(Sponsored) Vote For Christopher Marte on Tuesday, Nov. 7

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Christopher Marte

Dear District 1,

Thank you for supporting my race for City Council. We have reached a pivotal moment for the future of our District, and one that we can vote for on November 7. When we started this campaign, not many people believed this scale of progressive change was possible. But together we have built a coalition of neighbors from the Grand Street coops to the tenement buildings, to the Seaport, to the Village, that has not been seen in a long time.

I know the neighborhood I grew up in like the back of my hand. I know the struggles our bodegas face because my father owned a bodega. I know the benefits of our settlement houses because my aunt worked at one. I know our middle schools because I coached basketball there. I know our seniors because my mother is a home attendant. As I’ve knocked doors for this election, I’ve seen that it’s the diversity of this District and our experiences that unite us.

Behind each door is the story of an immigrant, a small business owner, a community activist. We all want to stop overdevelopment, to keep our neighborhoods affordable, and to strengthen our waterfront against the next superstorm. But what we lack is a platform.

I will host the first Town Hall meeting in 8 years. I will implement participatory budgeting so that our community can vote on how district funding is allocated. I will pass zoning that limits the height of mega towers, and ensures that affordable housing reflects the income of the neighborhood.

I am grateful for all the support I have already received, and humbly ask for your vote in the general election this Tuesday.




Christopher Marte

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