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(Voter Guide) Jasmin Sanchez – City Council District 2

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This candidate statement is part of The Lo-Down’s 2017 Voter Guide. To view the main page and to learn about other candidates on the ballot in New York City’s Sept. 12 Democratic Primary, please click here

Jasmin Sanchez
Born and raised on the Lower East Side/Baruch Houses
Office: City Council District 2
Current Occupation:
Program Director, Partnership with Children

Why are you seeking this office? 

I am seeking the office of City Council for District 2 because I am tired of the same elected officials being recycled to represent us.  For over 20 years we have seen the same leadership and things have not gotten better.  After 24 years of service to the district in several capacities such as, the founder of a volunteer based non-profit, a softball coach, a community activist and a community liaison for State Senator Daniel Squadron, I have established the position that this district has been sold off. I am boldly making a statement that I am for “We the People.” Not: Partisanship, Corporations, or Special interests.

For too long, constituents have felt abandoned by their elected officials. In 2017, we must say never again.  Our district and our community have many individuals who can represent us.  However, our current elected officials (district leaders to city council member) have stripped an entire generation of leadership, making us vulnerable.  They have decided not to invest into providing us education, resources or preparing the next wave of leaders so that they can continue to monopolize local politics. In 2017, we must say never again.

I am not the machine candidate, which means I am not owned by anyone, owe anyone, I do not accept contributions from PAC, Super PAC, real estate agencies or agents.  I am the people’s candidate, which means that you will always receive transparency, open communication and a seat at the table. I will never make deals that will jeopardize District 2. I serve you and will ensure that all my efforts are to enhance our district and ever constituent.

From Water Street to 35th Street, this is my neighborhood. District 2 is home to the world’s most innovative & hard-working people, yet we’re crushed by murder in the streets, substandard schools, dilapidated housing, mismanagement of NYCHA, mom & pop shops disappearing, homelessness, lack of low income housing, displacement; lack of open spaces, failing youth and senior programs & lack of safety in our community.

We do not have to march, rally, or protest every time we feel our rights are being threatened. We, the people have the power to elect politicians that will advocate on our behalf. It is their job to serve, aid, and protect us, to strengthen our families and communities, to listen and keep our best interests in mind. That is why on September 12th let your voices be heard and vote for Jasmin Sanchez to represent District 2.

What are your professional qualifications for this position? 

Jasmin Sanchez has been a recognized leader for the last 24 years.  Jasmin is known for her public service and strategic visions to improve her community.  She has built a list of accomplishments through her compassion and commitment to help others.  Her efforts were recognized by NY1 as she was featured as their New Yorker of the Week and the LoDown as she was featured in their My LES Series. Running for City Council is a natural extension of who Jasmin is.  She is a true, hands-on advocate for issues facing the East Village, Gramercy Park, Kips Bay, Lower East Side, Murray Hill and Rose Hill.

Over the course of her career, Jasmin has noticed that the Southern part of the district has been forgotten, however, she has learned that the Northern part has not received their fair share either. Jasmin founded her own nonprofit organization focused on assisting residents with education, housing, green spaces preservation, economic development and service learning.  Jasmin has volunteered with coalitions focused on homelessness, healthcare access and management of nightlife.

Although, Jasmin was born, raised and still resides in the Lower East Side, she considers herself a District Kid turned Community Leader.  She attended PS 142, JHS 22 and Norman Thomas High School, all within District 2. Jasmin received her B.A. in Political Science with minors in Africana Studies and Latin American Caribbean Studies.  She is enrolled in Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus’ MPA Program.  Jasmin currently works for Partnership with Children as a Program Director.  There she manages a staff of 20 and provides direct services to over 500 families.  She also is responsible for two 3 year city contracts with annual budgets of over $300,000.  She has the experience in budget management, grant writing, curriculum development and city/state policies that directly impact our communities.  She will use this knowledge to write legislation and will have a profound impact on our district. Jasmin will Bridge the Gap between the various communities in District 2 and work for all.

Top Legislative Priority: What is the first piece of legislation that you would introduce if elected?: 

There are a few priorities in our district but two of the things I would start working on immediately are investing and providing resources in mental health care and urgent care units.  I will implement community health models within schools, community centers and senior centers.  These models will look like the former Boys Club of NY on Pitt Street and PS 188. It will allow direct healthcare access to residents.

I will declare historic districts which will help preserve the current affordable housing stock and prevent mega towers from being built. I will ensure that we receive 50-100% affordable apartments and that our community be given first priority when new developments happen.

In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue faced by the people who live on the Lower East Side? How would you deal with this issue as an elected official?

Small business displacement is an issue for our district. I’m proposing a Loisaida BID (Business Improvement District) which will focus on the area of Houston Street to 14th Street from Avenue A to Avenue D. This will help preserve the current small businesses.

Education & youth development are clearly important to me. I want to remove state exams, discrimination, bullying & segregation from our schools. There is funding for PS 15 that has not been distributed for close to 2 years, I will fight to get that money allocated. Community Board 3 needs to have a committee solely focused on education. I will fund more after-school, evening & weekend programs.

NYCHA residents are treated like second class citizens, living in horrific conditions. I know this because I was born & raised in NYCHA (Baruch Houses). NYCHA needs a reform from the chair to management.

PS 142
JHS 22
Norman Thomas High School
SUNY Stony Brook, BA in Political Science
MPA Graduate Student at LIU – Brooklyn Campus

Key Endorsements:
Liberal Party
Pastor Carlton Jones
Minister Deborah Quintero
Dodge Landesman
Tenant associations of Gompers, Baruch, Wald, Riis Houses

Affiliated Organizations
Collegiate member of SHPE, NAACP & LASO

Financial Statement: Campaign Finance Board

Video Statement/NYC Votes

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